A Double Life



Kevin Lee Partner / Executive Creative Director | Leagas Delaney SH

“What is commercial? What is art? There is no longer distinguishable line here.”

Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Kevin attended a local art school at the age of 6and he made the first exhibition of his own at 12.

He has been living in China for 13 years and used to be executive creative director at Ogilvy.

Kevin’s Nike ‘Run Free’ campaign was ranked the second most awarded print campaign in the world by the Gunn Report. Subsequently, Kevin was ranked one of the region’s hottest creatives by Campaign Brief. 

Forest Young Group Creative Director | Leo Burnett SH

“Utilitarianism prevails in contemporary art circle. Fewer and fewer are caring about life, ecology and society. Personal interests are almost its only concern. But in our advertising circle, we have some people, who are idealistic and willing to disseminate some universal values by artistic means. As one of them, I am trying with my very little power to help people recognize the social responsibilities of art and artistic essence of advertising.”

Forest is the creative from China, who won Cannes Lions every year in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

He was one of the first to adopt installation art in the New Citizen Program, which was initiated in 2008. In the Yang Ai art project launched in 2010, performance art was applied for disseminating the idea of charity. Strong visual impact and the subsequent influences brought this avant-garde piece in front of the public.

In the same year his talk at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) was titled as “Toward More Humanistic Advertising in 2110. He proposed that advertising is a humanistic act, which has made very positive influences in China advertising circle.

His latest large scale installation Flowing Lotus on the Sea was presented at Zendai Himalaya Art Center, which talked about global warmth and attracted over 100 media both international and domestic.

Jody Xiong Senior Creative Director | DDB SH

“The world is in need of art. Creative, meaningful and beautiful art is going to change the world.”

Jody, a 37-year-old Hu’nanese, studied at former Central Academy of Art and Design and Design Department of Hu’nan Business School. Since graduation, he has worked as art director and creative director for some international advertising agencies, such as Y&R Beijing, S&S Beijing, TBWA Shanghai, Bates Shanghai and Lowe Shanghai.

Besides the commercial creation, Jody has been exploring and experimenting in the fields of painting, sculpture, installation, performance, environmental, graphic, contemporary art and short film.

In 1999 his creations for the Shunde Eco-Park in Guangdong, the Pumpkin Summerhouse and the tree-shaped playground was his first step to merge space design and sculpture In 2008, his Olympic campaign for McDonald’s, I Love China Win received over 27 million web clicks and participation by 1.2 million registered users. The viral video in this campaign was ranked top 10 by British magazine Contagious. Green Pedestrian Crossing was created for China Environmental Protection Foundation (CEPF), which apply the art of performance in this advert for public interest. The campaign received footprint of 392,000 people, including the mayor of Shanghai. As a result, a Design Gold Lion and Top Green Prize by Britain were awarded to Jody. In 2011, he made his solo show at Zendai.

Shanghai Zendai Art S-Supermarket

Boasted as the biggest storage for original artworks in China, Shanghai Zendai Art S-Supermarket, launched by Shanghai Zendai Cultural Development Co. Ltd., aims to create a brand new platform for the selling and buying of art.

Under the principle of “to make original art more accessible to the general public”, Zendai Art S-Supermarket has signed over 700 artists. More than 10,000 pieces of original artwork are available at the 3,000m2 hypermarket at approachable prices, 80% of which are priced under 5000 RMB.

Zendai Art S-Supermarket aims to function as more than just a place for people to purchase artwork. This young and ambitious art supermarket also aspires to bridge the gap between the general public and contemporary art, to foster and showcase more interesting art concepts and experiments, and to provide professional opinions from the insiders.

Website: http://www.zendaiart.com
Blog: http://weibo.com/zendaiart
Tel: 021-50336156-8011
Add: 2F, No.28, Lane 199, Fangdian Road, Pudong, Shanghai
Opening hours: Daily 10:00-18:00




展览日期: 2011年11月12日-27日
开幕时间: 2011年11月12日 周六15:00
展览空间: 证大艺术超超市 (上海市浦东新区芳甸路199弄28号)
策展方: WELOVEAD (徐微)
特邀艺术家: 李兆光 (合伙人兼执行创意总监| Leagas Delany 上海)
杨烨炘 (群创意总监 | Leo Burnett 上海)
熊超 (资深创意总监 | DDB 上海)
参展艺术家: 黑一烊 (创建人兼创意总监 | 山河水团队 深圳)
萧上喜 (导演 | 萧导工作室 台湾)
何力恒 (曾任副创意总监 | DDB 香港)
刘雯婷 (插画师 | 曾就职Saatchi & Saatchi 上海 / Leo Burnett 上海)
宋尧 (设计师 | DDB 上海)
李臣 (计师 | 朗意品牌顾问 上海)
Luigi Laurenzi (设计总监 | 木码设计)
Antonin Lelievre (导演 | FaBuLoUsInSpIrAtIoN)
讲座: 广告的下一个潮流是艺术 (主讲人:杨烨炘)
艺术需要创意 (主讲人:熊超)
讲座时间: 2011年11月26日 周六 14:00
官方网站: http://art.welovead.com



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