A Double Life



Title: Triangle Chocolate Installation
Artist: Kevin Lee, Mike Tay, Sun Lihong, Meng Ling, Zhang Lei, Wu Jialei, Deng Wenhao, Xu Yimeng, Ren Jieli, Liang Lisha, Zhao Yuqi, Wu Yao, Wen Yilin, Lu Wenyu, Chen Yan, Wu Shu, Kang Yan, Xu Yingchen, Deng Bencong, Zhang Xian, Lin Jisheng, Fan Meiling, Gao Ge, Zhou Yijun, Ma Siyuan, Chen Qianqian, Wu Jingyi, Zhang Shiyu, Li Chang, Bi Xiaoxue, Huayang, Xu Yu, Tian Chi, Xie Haoxing, Lv Yuanyuan, Wang Kun, Zheng Haoqiang, Wang Lian, Zou Tengxian, Deng Hua, Hui Yao, Qin Yidan
Type: installation
Media: paper box
Size: variable dimension
Year: 2011
Description: Over 30 art students spent 1 month time with 50,000 Swiss-made chocolate package on these 10 art installations.

Title: Age of Dharma Decline
Artist: Forest Young (GCD | Leo Burnett SH)
Type: installation
Media: coal, 300 toy cars
Size: 450x250x330cm
Year: 2011年
Description: Man shall not too much indulge in conquering natures over and again. In some ways, nature is taking revenge on human.

Title: The Lonely Keyboard
Artist: Jody Xiong (SCD | DDB SH)
Type: installation
Media: Mixed media(glass jars, stainless steel, wood, paint) + Sculpture(rosin)
Size: 4.65M(L) x 1M(W) x 0.65M(H)
Year: 2011.11.11
Description: ”The Lonely Keyboard” reflects a critical issue in nowadays China society: The amount of Chinese netizen has reached 500,000,000. Many of them indulge themselves in using computer and ignore their families. The originators collected over 100 family photos from volunteers who think they have this issue in their families and chose 35 family photos to make 116 lively, differently-figured 10cm man figure sculptures. Each sculpture was placed individually in a sealed glass jar. The 116 glass jars were placed on a 4.65m x 1m x 0.58m black wooden base, forming a huge keyboard. Every sealed glass jar separates and isolates the members of different families and becomes a single lonely key. The originators hope people to reconsider the relationship between the interactive mode of human communication and family ethics in the Internet era, and also advocate that people should put down the computers in their hands and talk more with their families, enjoy their time with their families.

Title: Currency Scheme (100 RMB/100 USD/Face Series)
Artist: Hei Yiyang (Founder, Creative Director | SenseTeam Shenzhen)
Type: collage
Media: paper currency
Size: 120X240cm/106X240cm
Year: 2010 April / 2011 August
Description: Currency Scheme is a continuous work of series cultural projects started by SenseTeam in 2010. Through our researching and understanding to the money,we show the basic viewpoint and attitude to the money of human being by an artistic way,reflect the delicate relations between the philosophy and values,and help our society to rethink the influence on money,various social phenomena and human relations.

Title: Specimen/Mood IV - Emotions of Autumn
Artist: Asoso Liu (Illustrator | Used to work for Leo Burnett SH)
Type: installation
Media: bottles, cigarette ashes, notebooks
Size: variable dimension
Year: 2011
Description: The work is themed as “emotion”, which grasps the abstract spirits. I want to “grasp” such unstable existence, to save it in a specimen bottles and share with publicity various happenings of such emotions. The work selects the media that are connected to cigarette. Thinking when smoking and smoking by anxiety and depression is like kind of reliability. It transforms emotion into something with shapes, waves in the air and disappears gradually.

Title: The Twelve Shichen (Zi/Chou/Yin/Mao/Chen/Si/Wu/Wei/Shen/You/Xu/Hai)
Artist: Ever Song (Designer | DDB SH)
Type: photography
Media: light box
Size: 60x90cm
Year: 2010-2011

The work The Twelve Shichen (in china,1 Shichen equals 2 hours) is edited with 12 black-and-white photographs. The cut-in angle of perceiving is simple but will evoke its significance in its historical period before it fades from the memory of industrial civilization. It is the timing system of twelve Shichen ancient Chinese had been using for thousands of years. The twelve figures mutually differentiate and are independent from one another but relations being substantially inherent.

This work based on each “Shichen”, opening the boundary of time, graphically portrays the scenario of any event possibly happens in every single Shichen. It metaphorically presents many issues about nature, society, culture, livelihood of internal mechanism and external environment of human life.

Time flies and the constant arrival and prosperous time, creating and bearing the weight of life, excellently deserves the name of “the origin of life” and resides unlimited possibilities and adventures in us. Therefore, putting forward as many possibilities in the work is the key idea, and the main reason to design the work in the manner of mystery and oddity.

This group of posters presented by light box is for two reasons. On the one hand, no matter black or white, the light in the drawing is all bright, which stands for democracy. Time will illuminate dark and give answers to all confusion and anxiety. On the other hand, light box is commonly used equipment for advertising, and is the most appropriate expression for the exchange between ancient civilization and industrial age.

Title: It all started from Anthony
Artist: Sean Hsiao (Director | Sean Hsiao Films)
Type: Film
Media: DVD
片长: 54min
Year: 2011
Description: The story started with a broken condom.
An exit,
To wonder, to stray
A beautiful time of young

Title: Tapes of Graphic Art
Artist: Li Chen (Designer | LONbrand SH)
Type: installation
Media: silk-screen printing
Size: 20x20cm/piece
Year: 2010
Description: As time goes by, cassette no longer belongs to our age. We are lost over and again in the Indulgence in exploding information and digital music. Are you missing the age with not so many options, when you have to spend time listening to music from side A to side B? It’s a relatively raw but weighty life. This series adapts various graphic expressive methods to interpret the stuffs that bears memories and are already abandoned. It represents the slow life rhythm and the existence that are lost by the metropolis.

Title: The Great WallPaper Ming
Artist: Luigi Laurenzi (Design Director | mooma design)
Type: installation
Media: print on paper
Size: 420x280cm
Year: 2008
Description: My choice is the Ming Great Wall map for the philosophy of the Ming Dynasty holds on today, the connection between out side inside the living in harmony with our natural surroundings, the wall paper can be a reminder of this Philosophy. Making: I choose a satellite map of the great wall and which historically updated to the Ming Dynasty, graphically modify, keep the original form and create a pattern which are repeated to form a typical wallpaper pattern.

Title: Walking on the Shore
Artist: Antonin Lelievre (Director | FaBuLoUsInSpIrAtIoN)
Type: documentary
Media: digital video
片长: 16min
Year: 2010
Description: A documentary about persons of old age

Title: Gift
Artist: Lik Ho (Former ACD | DDB HK)
Type: video
Media: digital video
Size: 2’26”
Year: 2008
Description: This is a gift from a dad for the son.
The dad gives gifts to the sun. The son gives them to his son, when he becomes a dad.
The toys are still the toys. The music is still the music. But the box is no longer the box. Is that gift still the gift?




展览日期: 2011年11月12日-27日
开幕时间: 2011年11月12日 周六15:00
展览空间: 证大艺术超超市 (上海市浦东新区芳甸路199弄28号)
策展方: WELOVEAD (徐微)
特邀艺术家: 李兆光 (合伙人兼执行创意总监| Leagas Delany 上海)
杨烨炘 (群创意总监 | Leo Burnett 上海)
熊超 (资深创意总监 | DDB 上海)
参展艺术家: 黑一烊 (创建人兼创意总监 | 山河水团队 深圳)
萧上喜 (导演 | 萧导工作室 台湾)
何力恒 (曾任副创意总监 | DDB 香港)
刘雯婷 (插画师 | 曾就职Saatchi & Saatchi 上海 / Leo Burnett 上海)
宋尧 (设计师 | DDB 上海)
李臣 (计师 | 朗意品牌顾问 上海)
Luigi Laurenzi (设计总监 | 木码设计)
Antonin Lelievre (导演 | FaBuLoUsInSpIrAtIoN)
讲座: 广告的下一个潮流是艺术 (主讲人:杨烨炘)
艺术需要创意 (主讲人:熊超)
讲座时间: 2011年11月26日 周六 14:00
官方网站: http://art.welovead.com



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